About Us


We are husband and wife church musicians Doug Starr and Annette Tierney. For several years, we have considered how a Web site might allow us to showcase our professional and avocational musical activities Annette Tierney & Doug Starrand share them with a wider community. We are pleased that this dream has finally become a reality.

When we are not actually making music for worship or rehearsing that music at church, we are usually at home or in transit thinking about music. (Annette, who has a non-musical day job, sometimes has to think about other matters, and parenthood does have a way of demanding our attention at a moment’s notice.) Since this is typical of the lives of church musicians, we suspect that many of our visitors lead similar lives, and we hope that you can find useful ideas and music here that are appropriate to your own circumstances. If our Web site is successful, you will find it a convenient way to obtain interesting and appropriate music for your church (and sometimes other) needs.

Most of our music is Gebrauchsmusik, music written for a specific purpose. You can imagine a variety of occasions calling for church music: organ music, anthems for adult or children’s choirs, handbell choir music, service music, hymn arrangements, and so forth. Our music composition is largely driven by these occasions.

We are parents, and our children often influence our music-making.  For example, Doug’s oldest son, Curt, is a trombone performance major at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Doug has written a piece for him in a jazz idiom (see “Cherokee bridge”).  Our youngest son, Tommy, now sings in the Canterbury (children’s) Choir at our church, and Annette has written several lovely settings for that group.

Other music you will find here are several large choral anthems that Doug was commissioned to write and music whose composition has given us the opportunity to collaborate, such as our contemporary mass setting (see “How glorious is Your Name”).

We invite you to write to us with your comments, questions, and suggestions. You may write to Annette, to Doug, or simply to TierneyStarrMusic.com.

— Annette Tierney & Doug Starr